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Groove type compost turner is a very important production equipment in the organic fertilizer production process. What is the main role of the groove type composting machine in organic fertilizer production? The trench-type compost turner can adjust the moisture and temperature in the material to shorten the fermentation period. In order to make better compost, SX designs the groove type compost turning machine. The SX trench-type composting machine is simpler, easier to operate. What’s more, the composting machine has wear-resistant and anti-corrosion features. When buying the groove-type composting machine, you can provide us with your output and budget. We will offer you the suitable composting equipment for you. In addition, we will provide you with a variety of special services, such as customized services and on-site installation services. As a manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment for many years, we are confident to provide you with first class service.

What Is The Technical Specification Of The Groove Type Compost Turner?

If you need compost the organic waste in the groove, the SX groove type composting tuner machine will be your best choice. You can refer to the detailed technical parameters about the SX groove type compost turner from the following.

The above data is for your reference only. You can ask us with customized requirements according to the needs of your organic fertilizer production. We will customize the groove type composting facility for you.

Ovdje su tehnički parametri o SXCFP3000, SXCFP4000, SXCFP5000 okretaču komposta s utorima. Podaci su samo za vašu referencu.

Model SXCFP3000 SXCFP4000 SXCFP5000
Snaga (kW) 18.5 + + 3 2.2 18.5 + + 3 2.2 22 + + 3 2.2
Brzina hoda(M/H) 50 50 50
Brzina bez opterećenja(M/H) 100 100 100
Veličina spremnika za fermentaciju (mm) (Š*V) 3000*1050 4000*1050 5000*1050
Visine podizanja zubaca za miješanje(mm) 1000 1000 1000

Kakoes The Groove Type Compost Turner Process The Organic Waste?

The trench-type compost turner plays an important role in the composting process of materials. So how exactly does it work when you are using the groove type composting tuner machine? You can be clear about how the trench-type compost turner working during the composting process.

Moving Device

The movement of the groove type compost turner depends on the tracks you installed on the walls on both sides of the fermentation groove in advance.

Dobava praha

The moving motor is the main power for the walking system of the groove type composting machine while flipping the organic manure.


 The chain drives the walking wheel on the body to move on the track, so that the whole flip machine can move alone the track on the fermentation groove.

Working Part

When flipping, the flip teeth of the composting machine will rotate with flip shaft. At the same time, turning teeth flip the organic waste in the groove forward and crush the materials. As mentioned above, at this process, the material will be in full contact with the air, and the water and temperature will be adjusted to promote the process of fermentation.

Change Trench

When the groove type compost turner reaches the end of the fermentation trench, the hydraulic cylinder on the machine will raise the working table to a certain height and adjust the speed of the walking motor so that the trench type composting machine can quickly go back to the starting point. Then a complete working process is finished.

What is difference between groove type compost turner and other composting machines?

Through the above, you can understand the working principle and the structures of the groove-type composting machine. if you have any questions about the composting process and the working process, you can contact with us. We will provide you with the detailed explain.

How To Use The Groove Type Compost Turner Correctly?

You can reduce the maintenance cost by using the In order to make the groove type compost turner woke normally, you should know about the following matters needing attention.

  • No Unrelated Personnel: When you operate the groove type composting machine, other staff should stay away from the machine to prevent accidents.

  • Lubricate In Time: When the groove composting facility is flipping the organic waste, you can’t overhaul and lubricate the machine.

  • Use Electricity Safely: When replacing the slot or cable, you must cut off the power to avoid electric shock to ensure personal safe.

  • Control Compost Speed: When composting, you should control the walking speed of the groove type composting equipment, and remember not to over working speed.

  • Note The Distance: While the hydraulic cylinder is lifting the worktable, you must pay more attention to observe the distance between the flip teeth and the ground to avoid the tooth is damaged because the flip shaft is too low.

Through the above, you can know how to make the trench type compost turner operate more normally. By following the above, you can make the machine compost the raw materials more effectively. What’s more, you can reduce the fermentation time to improve the organic fertilizer production efficiency.

What Role Does The Groove Type Compost Turner Play In The Organic Fertilizer Production?

In the organic fertilizer production, the groove-type kompost turning machine has the great effect to reduce the composting time. While it is working, the trench-type composting turner machine can reduce the raw materials moisture and the temperature, supply the oxygen, and shred the bulk material. You can know more information from the following.

The composting effect will be impacted by the both much and less material moisture. Therefore, the proper water content is more important in the composting process. For adjusting the moisture, SX designs the groove type compost turner machine specially. By flipping the material, the compost turning machine will make the raw materials contact with the air. Then the moisture in the raw materials will be evaporated so that regulate the water content. By using the composting machine, you can make the raw materials piles meet the aerobic vrenje stanje.

The microbial activity in the material relies on sufficient oxygen. Therefore, you should keep the abundant oxygen in the materials. In order to supply the oxygen for the materials pile, you should use the trench type compost turner machine while fermenting the organic manure. When the groove type composting facility working, it will spray the material into the air, so that the material and air can be fully contacted. During this process, it can not only evaporate water in the organic waste, but also provide the materials piles with a large amount of fresh air.

When fermenting the organic manure, you also need to note the temperature of the material piles. Because both the high and the low temperature will hinder the activity of aerobne bakterije. Therefore, for composting better, you should use the composting machine to reduce the materials temperature. When the machine working, the material will be thrown into the air. In this way, there will be a good heat dissipation effect. In this way, you can ensure that the aerobic bacteria will active normally. What’s more, you can make the fermentation more efficient.

In order to make the raw materials ferment completely, you should lower the material size to increase the surface area of fermentation. The groove type composting equipment has certain auxiliary crushing function. While filling the organic manure, the stirring teeth of the composting turner will mix the materials, which will cause the bulk materials formed during composting to be crushed. Thus, you can shorten the fermentation period by suing the groove-type compost turner. What’s more, you will get the fermented materials with a better fineness.

How does groove type composter turn organic manure?

As described above, the trench type fermentation machine can adjust the oxygen and water content of organic waste during composting. Therefore, the groove type compost turning machine will make an important effect during the fermentation process. Most importantly, you can improve the efficiency of organic fertilizer production by deploying the trench type compost machine.

How To Buy The Groove Type Compost Turner?

When you are sure to use groove type fermentation mode to compost organic waste, how do you choose the right groove type composting turner machine? At this time, you can select the right groove type composting turner machine based on your organic fertilizer output and your budget.

How can I get efficient groove type compost turning machine at best price?

Of course, there are many factors like organic wastes and equipment that will affect how you choose the right groove type composting turning machine, but the main factors are production capacity and budget. You can also provide us with your budget and the yield of the production line. We will recommend you the most suitable composting machine.

What Can You Get After Buying The Groove Type Compost Turner From Sx?

Once choosing the SX, you can experience many special service, such as the customized service, maintenance service, guidance service and effective communication service. You can know the specification from the following.

We are a customer-oriented organic fertilizer equipment company. Our mission is to provide our customer with the high-performance facilities and the high-quality service. Therefore, we have the confidence to meet your requirements about the machines.

We have produced the groove-type compost turner for many years. Therefore, we can produce the trench-type composting machine with high performance. Once choosing the SX organic fertilizer production equipment, you can experience the first-class and high-quality service.

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    Koji su mogući razlozi za materijalni kolač u fermentaciji komposta?2022-05-30T11:52:26+08:00

    Prije pokretanja poslovanja s organskim gnojivima, trebali biste se uvjeriti da vaše sirovine zadovoljavaju proizvodne uvjete. Sirovine moraju proći kroz proces kompostiranja i fermentacije kako bi se proizveo veliki broj metabolita koji su korisni za rast i apsorpciju biljaka. Važno je napomenuti da se neki materijali za kompostiranje očito zgrudavaju nakon procesa fermentacije komposta. To će utjecati na kvalitetu gotovog gnojiva. Na temelju našeg dugogodišnjeg iskustva, korištenje visokokvalitetnog stroja za kompostiranje i znanje o nekim vještinama kompostiranja mogu učinkovito spriječiti zgrudnjavanje. Ali prvo biste trebali znati koji su mogući razlozi za stvaranje kolača materijala u fermentaciji komposta? Za sprječavanje zgrudnjavanja komposta organskog otpada, možemo isporučiti najučinkovitije rješenje stroja za kompostiranje za vaše postrojenje za proizvodnju organskog gnojiva.

    Vlažnost sirovina je previsoka

    Održavanje odgovarajuće vlažnosti materijala prvi je uvjet za promicanje mikrobne aktivnosti i fermentacija komposta.Međutim, u procesu fermentacije komposta, materijali visoke vlažnosti lako se skupljaju s drugim malim materijalima kako bi se formiralo zgrušavanje. Prema ShunXin dugogodišnjem iskustvu, najprikladnija vlažnost materijala za kompostiranje je 60% -75%.

    Za ispunjavanje ovog zahtjeva za vodom, možemo projektirati a stroj za odvodnjavanje kruto-tekuće za vaš plan sušenja komposta. Može razdvojiti svinjski gnoj, pačji gnoj, kravlji gnoj, kokošji gnoj i drugi stočni gnoj na tekuće organsko gnojivo i čvrsto organsko gnojivo. Konačno, može vam vrlo dobro pomoći u kontroli vlage materijala za kompostiranje.

    nedovoljan kompostiranja dubina

    U procesu fermentacije, duboko okretanje kompostiranja može pospješiti ravnomjernu fermentaciju materijala za kompostiranje. Ako dubina okretanja materijala na dnu nije dovoljna, lako će se formirati veliki broj grudica na dnu.

    Kako postići duboko okretanje kompostiranja? ShunXinova groove type compost turner i okretač komposta pokretnog tipa svi mogu završiti duboko tokarenje. Visina tokarenja može biti 0.8-1.5 metara. Štoviše, bilo da se radi o kompostu s utorima ili mljevenom kompostu, može vam pomoći da ubrzate proces fermentacije kompostiranja i proizvedete visokokvalitetno gnojivo.

    Neravnomjeran protok zraka ili nedovoljan prostor

    Održavanje odgovarajućeg zraka u procesu kompostiranja pogoduje razmnožavanju i aktivnosti aerobnih mikroorganizama. Kad je protok zraka neravnomjeran, sklon je zgrudnjavanju. Kod kompostiranja na visokoj temperaturi treba obratiti više pozornosti na nepropusnost hrpe kako bi se olakšala ventilacija. Prema dugogodišnjem iskustvu tvrtke ShunXin, sortiranje ili drobljenje komposta poboljšava distribuciju zraka i može pospješiti organsku razgradnju. ShunXin preporučuje da ostavite određeni razmak između hrpa materijala i možete koristiti naše crawler compost turner strojni ili hodajući okretač komposta za postizanje učinkovite fermentacije komposta.

    Sirovine sadrže nerazgradive materijale

    Prije procesa kompostiranja, drobljenje i sortiranje sirovina je rješenje za izbjegavanje zgrudnjavanja materijala. U sirovinama koje skupljate možete obratiti pozornost na filtriranje nerazgradivih materijala. Inače će se lako oblikovati kolač jer se ne može razgraditi. Međutim, nakon sortiranja, ako još ima velikih kolača, kako postupati s tim rasutim materijalima?Polu-mokrim materijalom sjeckalica komposta proizvodi ShunXin može se naširoko koristiti za usitnjavanje biološki fermentiranih polu-mokrih materijala kao što su bioorgansko kompostno gnojivo, kompost od komunalnog krutog otpada, travnati treset, otpad od slame, stočni gnoj i tako dalje. Osim toga,probir komposta Dizajn također može izdvojiti visokokvalitetne praškaste materijale za kasniji proces granulacije.

    Fermentacija komposta je prvi proces za visokokvalitetnu i učinkovitu proizvodnju organskog gnojiva. 60% do 70% sadržaja vode u materijalu za kompostiranje je najprikladniji za sprječavanje zgrudnjavanja. Kako bi zadovoljili ovu potrebu za vodom, korisnici mogu koristiti strojeve za odvodnjavanje ako su materijali za kompostiranje prevlažni. U međuvremenu, uređaj za okretanje komposta s velikom radnom dubinom može izbjeći zgrudnjavanje materijala. Na kraju, održavanjem cirkulacije zraka između gomila gnojiva i upotrebom drobilice i prosijavanja komposta možete dobiti izvrsne praškaste materijale. Bez obzira na vaš problem kompostiranja, možemo vam pružiti rješenje i dizajnirati pravo kompostiranje stroj za vaš pogon za proizvodnju organskog gnojiva. Dobrodošli da nas kontaktirate!

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      Što je proces kompostiranja pomoću uređaja za okretanje komposta Groove Type?2021-10-21T17:18:03+08:00

      Za uspješnu izradu komposta potrebno je organske materijale tretirati prije upotrebe stroj za okretanje komposta s utorima. Prije svega, bolje je koristiti stroj za miješanje gnojiva kako biste u potpunosti pomiješali gnojivo stoke i peradi sa prahom slame i drugim pomoćnim materijalima. Zatim biste trebali razumno prilagoditi C/N, poroznost i vlagu prema zahtjevima komposta. Nakon toga se miješani organski materijali mogu staviti u utor za kompost radi aerobne fermentacije.

      FPC proizvodi stroj za kompostiranje utornog tipa s različitim tehničkim parametrima. Dobrodošli na našu web stranicu za idealnu kupnju rovovski stroj za fermentaciju po savršenoj cijeni.

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